Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress v3.9.4

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is a revolutionary social sharing plugin designed to enhance your website’s social media presence.

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Trusted by over 310,000 sites, this powerful and feature-packed plugin is recognized as the most comprehensive social sharing solution by WordPress experts. It goes beyond the basics, offering unique WordPress social share buttons, visually appealing social followers counters, user-friendly subscribe-to-mail list forms, and even social live chat functionality.

This plugin stands out with its versatility, allowing users to share content on more than 50 major social networks and various mobile messengers. The package includes 55+ beautiful templates for social sharing, a personal template builder, and an extensive set of 30+ automatic design positions, along with attention-grabbing animations.

Core Features of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress Plugin

  • Unique social share buttons for WordPress
  • Eye-catching social followers counter
  • Subscribe-to-mail list forms
  • Social live chat functionality
  • Support for over 50 major social networks
  • 55+ beautiful social sharing templates
  • Personal template builder
  • 30+ automatic design positions
  • 30+ attention-grabbing animations
  • Comprehensive coverage of all possible locations for displaying social share buttons
  • Trusted by 310,000+ sites
  • Four years of being a trendsetter in social media for WordPress
  • Suitable for all types of WordPress sites, including leading technology brands
  • Boost social shares, increase social followers, and grow mailing lists with a single WordPress plugin.

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