PDF Embedder Premium v5.1.4

The PDF Embedder Premium plugin offers a seamless and elegant solution for embedding PDFs in WordPress,

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The PDF Embedder Premium plugin offers a seamless and elegant solution for embedding PDFs in WordPress, providing users with a simple yet sophisticated PDF experience. One of its standout features is the prevention of viewers from downloading or printing the original files, offering enhanced security for your content.


The plugin boasts an impressive viewing experience with continuous scrolling between pages, full-screen support, and the convenience of not relying on third-party services or iframes for mobile PDF viewing. With automatic sizing to the natural dimensions of the PDFs, the plugin ensures a smooth and ready-for-mobile presentation, emphasizing ease of use similar to uploading images directly into WordPress.

Core Features of PDF Embedder Premium Plugin

  • Continuous scrolling between pages for a seamless viewing experience
  • ‘Download PDF’ button allows users to obtain the PDF for external viewing
  • Full-screen button for an immersive reading experience
  • Fully functioning hyperlinks within embedded PDFs
  • Quick navigation with the ability to jump straight to a specific page by typing the page number
  • Track the number of views and downloads for each embedded PDF
  • Unbranded presentation with no wp-pdf.com link, maintaining a clean and professional look
  • Built for speed using Javascript only, without relying on iframes or third-party services, ensuring optimal performance
  • Mobile-friendly PDF viewer with automatic sizing to the natural size and shape of PDFs
  • Seamless integration with the WordPress Media Library, allowing users to upload and embed PDFs as easily as adding images.

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