Real 3D FlipBook v3.75

Real3D Flipbook is a versatile and user-friendly tool that transforms your documents into visually stunning

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3D flipbooks with realistic page flip animations, dynamic lighting, and shadows. Unlike traditional flipbooks, Real3D Flipbook utilizes 100% HTML5, eliminating the need for Flash, and performs all conversions at runtime, allowing you to easily set the PDF file URL or images. The plugin supports various content types, including YouTube videos, text, images, links, iframes, and dynamic HTML content on pages, all customizable with inline CSS.

Offering multiple view modes, such as the realistic WebGL mode, fast 3D & 2D mode (CSS only), and Swipe mode with horizontal page transitions, Real3D Flipbook ensures an optimal reading experience on various platforms and devices. With features like responsive design, smart page loading, advanced zooming support, and customizable scene lights, this mature product delivers a seamless and engaging experience, making it an ideal solution for creating interactive and visually appealing flipbooks.

Core Features of Real 3D FlipBook WP Plugin

  • Realistic 3D page turn animation
  • Customizable animation speed and transition types
  • 3D book rotation capability
  • Customizable scene lights for added realism
  • Responsive design for a seamless experience across devices
  • Optimized for mobile with touch swipe, pinch zoom, and native app-like feel
  • Works on all major platforms without requiring Flash Player
  • Smart page loading to optimize performance
  • Multiple view modes: Realistic WebGL, fast 3D & 2D (CSS only), Swipe mode
  • Dynamic content support, including YouTube videos, text, images, links, iframes
  • PDF flipbook with support for internal and external links, text search, and keyword highlighting
  • Fullscreen support with responsive design
  • Retina-friendly icons with customizable options
  • Customizable menu with social share integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn)
  • Two included skins with further customization through CSS
  • Background patterns and right-to-left mode for Eastern countries
  • Well-documented with source files included
  • Free future updates for continued enhancement.

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